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Josef Mahlmeister

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The German National Library - PIERRE GRIPARI
The German National Library - JOSEF MAHLMEISTER

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German History about the Translation of the Rue Broca Stories by J.M. (2012) of PIERRE GRIPARI
Die Zaubergeschichten aus der Rue Broca - by Pierre Gripari (2011) - Traducteur: JOSEF MAHLMEISTER

Author of „Zaubergeschichten“ (Magic Stories),
a storytelling bestseller in Germany since 1992 (Second Printing, 1998).

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Josef works as an educator in Cologne, and as a traveling storyteller.
He specializes in stories translated from the French author Pierre Gripari,
traditional German, French, and American Folk Tales, stories from the American author Mark Twain,
in addition to English authors, Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, Edith Nesbit and J. K. Rowling.

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